Echigo Koshihikari (500ml, 5°)

Beer made especially by Koshihikari rice, which gives the pale gold.
Aroma light citrus and grains of rice, crisp and refreshing.
Excellent pairing with any food

Kirin Ichiban (500ml, 5°)

Brewed under Ichiban Shibori process (first pressing). Due to its natural ingredients
(Rice, barley, hops and corn) flavor is pleasant, soft and with little bitterness.
Excellent pairing with any food


Blanche de Namur (750ml, 4.5°)

Wheat beer with citrus, refreshing and fruity touches. light-bodied with notes
coriander and orange. Winner of the World Beer Awards 2009, 2012 as the best wheat beer.
Its name comes from the Queen Blanche de Namur from Norway, Sweden and Scania.
Pairing: Fish and birds

Tripel Karmeliet (750ml, 8°)

Beer pioneer Carmelite monks. Multigrain, spongy foam and aromas of bread, candy, licorice and toasted cereals.
Fruity, creamy and fresh, dominated by orange and hints of peach. End with a bitter taste for alcohol,
but perfectly integrated with the taste.
Pairing: Fish and red meat


Mahou 5 Estrellas (330ml, 5.5°)

Alhambra 1925 (330ml, 6,4°)