The Menu

Original creations Oribu

Red Tuna tartar, nori tempura, crunchy sesame cone and avocado mousse

Salad of pan seared Prawn, mango, avocado and sweet chili dressing

Octopus carpaccio, fake olives, wasabi caviar and tamari soy

Micuit” of crunchy pork feet, toasts and tsukemono

Japo-Gaditano shrimp tacos, wakame-guacamole, wasabi cream

Avo-Cheezu” sarada of fresh buffalo mozzarella, avocado and summer tomato with wasabi-soy

Crispy Soft Shell Crab Okonomiyaki and fried egg with Japanese sauce

The Broken egg “Surf´n´Turf”, marinated red tuna sashimi, torchon, truffle, confit potatoes and Olive bread

Bi Bim Bap wok-rice with ecologic fried egg, crispy duck and
Korean brava sauce


Steam ( Dim Sums & Bao Buns)

Dim Sum of grass fed beef and leek, Phó broth and Viet garnish

Shanghai Xiao Long Bao, velvet crab shellfish sauce, tobiko ali-oli

Jiaozi of confit duck, grilled Foie and enoki mushrooms

Oxtail Dim Sum, wasabi potato cream, chinese mushroom and
Porto reduction

Iberian pork Gyozas, kurozu vinaigrette, Chinese scallion

HamburgerBao” of ox tail and homemade beef teriyaki sauce Dipping


Robata Grill & Teppan

The bone & the shell, galician beef bone marrow and breaded Galicia scallops,
soy and thyme pesto and baked bread

Whole organic baby chicken over Hida oven, Tsukune bao

Katxopo-Katsu” of Iberian pork tenderloin, Iberian ham and smoked Llanes cheese, Dijon-karashi-honey

Confit and crunchy Iberian pork belly “Buta no Kakuni”, Ramen egg and
strawberry hoisin

Pacific baby scallops in charcoal, classic sofrito, wasabi flower and Ikura

National Wagyu steaks in Japanese charcoal, Yaki-niku sauce,
root purée and ginger

Baby squids in charcoal, stir fry, XO sauce and Tokyo rice

Duck confit leg and its crispy skin, Chinese crepes and mellow hoisin sauce

Bluefin Red tuna skewer Goma-Ae style, Korean Kimchi and wakame

Iberian pork steak grilled in charcoal, sweet Saikyo miso mustard and
chimichurri sureño

Hirame age John Dory fish, momiji oroshi, Chinese green onion and nori chips


Chef: A.J 

If you are celiac or have any kind of allergies,
Please inform us in advance


When East Meets West

Oribu is the translation of olive in japanese,

the traditional cuisine´s roots, dressed by techniques and ingredients

from East and West. A fascinating journey between

two cultures that we invite you to experience