The story of Oribu Gastrobar starts in 2014, when it is born from the idea of a young entrepreneur, Ivan, who decide to open an Asian-Mediterranean Fusion cuisine restaurant and gastrobar in the heart  of Madrid. Their concept of gastrobar includes quality food, affordable prices and the most casual and fun atmosphere usually found in a bar. The goal of Oribu is to bring to their customers’ table “something cool”, creating an ambient in which one can appreciate not only the food but also all the different components of a gastronomic experience.

The elaborated cuisine of Oribu fuses the Asian gastronomy with elements, favours and techniques of the Mediterranean cuisine. From freestyle tapas or fusion dim sums, to the a la carte menu, all its creations are thought of so that one can taste, share and enjoy original moments that will be remembered and willingly repeated.

The different restaurant areas make Oribu a multi-space project, where one can enjoy different atmospheres and make its visit unique. Our philosophy also involves offering a quality and creative experience both in the plate and in the cup. Our extense wine selection and cocktails make Oribu a go-to place for anyone in any occasion.

Since the Oribu project was born (Oribu means olive in Japanese), it aims to connect two worlds: East and West. The olive oil, an element so characteristic of the mediterranean culture, translated to Japanese – this is the summary of the concept of Oribu, which goes further than the food and ends up becoming a way of life.

Oribu is the reflection of the way of living of the author of this reality, Ivan, a businessman who feel gifted for having been able to live and learn from such different cultures, Asian and Spanish.